Pilot Schedule Software - User Settings We released two new user settings under "My Profile" page, to give you additional customization capabilities to your PilotSchedule account. Here are the details: "Default Reservation Period" - Set the default time range you want to see when you open the Reservation screen to create a new reservation. "Put me as default Pilot" - For admin users who are also Pilots, check this checkbox, then when you create a reservation, your name will be automatically selected as the Pilot.   

Adding Flight Instructor Role to Admin Users Multiple roles feature just released. This will allow you to be an administrator to your club/account  plus act as a flight instructor. Your pilot students will have the option to book you. This can assign the second role from "My Profile" page:    As an administrator, you can also assign the second role when adding new users to your club:   If there is a new feature you would like us to add to PilotSchedule, let us know! 

Mass Email - Scheduler Software New feature released for club admins. Now you can easily send an email message to all your members. You can specify if you want to send to "All Instructors", "All Pilots", "All Staff", or you can select one or many names to email. to access this feature go to the new "Mass Email" page under Mange Club.  

New Version of PilotSchedule Released PilotSchedule started in 2003, and have remained online for free since then (that is for 14 years). Technology changed so much since 2003 and the older technology we had used become obsolete and unsupported for a while now. Therefore the system had to be re-written from scratch using new modern tools. We have completed this task and what you see today is PilotSchedule 2.0. In order to continue improving PilotSchedule, and providing the support needed, we had no choice but to switch to a fee base ...

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