Block Days/Hours Setting

Instructors and Pilots Can Block Certain Hours to be Unavailable for Scheduling (New Feature)

We have released a new feature:Block Days/Hours - Instructors and Pilots can now block certain hours to be unavailable for scheduling. Check the new setting under My Profile "Block Days/Hours".  

First Solo Flight

My First Solo Flight

  When I was just 12 years old, the local doctor in my small Nebraska town bought an airplane, a Cessna 172, and got his private pilot’s license.  Soon I would see him flying in and out of the local airport, and around our county.&nbs ...

Pilot School Flying Dream

Things you should know when enrolling in a flight school

There are some things that you should know when enrolling in a flight school. It will help you find the perfect school and the right instructor to ensure your success. If you have a passion for flying, there is nothing more rewarding than flying yo ...

Flight Schools

Flight Schools

With the initial blogs post on we think it’s fitting to start at the beginning, Flight School.   Whether you are a seasoned professional here to schedule your 10,000th flight hour or a newbie who is looking to sc ...

voyager plane 1986


          All of us have seen aeronautical wonders during our lifetimes, especially in the 20th century.  But few if any can compare to the flight of the Voyager in December of 1986.  Voyager was ...